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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I just want my old life back /)_(\

Hey Everyone
I guess you could call this a "Lessons of Jamaa" post
Well recently y'all probly know about what happened with Gingerpawz's post, which absolutely broke my heart, to be honest. I hate how she says that I was just using her, I truly wasn't trying to, but to her, all the evidence added up. 
I remember when I met her, in coral canyons, right on the stairs. I was walking across to the top of the bridge, and I saw this pink and purple bunny with a top hat walk by. I clicked her, and I somewhat recognized her username. I rudely asked, "What for your top hat?" and she stopped, and replied, "Oh sorry, It's not for trade, It was a gift." I was shocked, that someone could of been that generous to give someone else a top hat. I asked from who, and she replied that WitchHatBunny (LoveLost) had given it to her. At the time, I had just discovered May's blog, and I was a fan of it. "Really? You know her?" I questioned Ginger. 
"Yes, she is my good friend." Ginger replied.
I sent a buddy request to her, and she added me. We ended up going to her den and socializing a bit. I guess I made the impression that I just wanted her for Lovelost, but I truly did not, I don't know if you guys would ever believe me, but I promise to Mira, and to my God, Jesus Christ that I truly thought she was a good jammer. She eventually told me that I was the only one she would introduce LoveLost too, and I felt honored. The next day, I came online, and saw Gingerpawz was in Love's den, and I sent a jamagram to her. LoveLost unlocked her den, and I came in to see ginger said, "Someone wants to see you.. :)" I came in, Ginger introduced me, and LoveLost sent me a blue skull helmet, which was rare at the time. I felt accepted, and I wanted to get to know both of them a little more.
I hung out with Ginger more and more, for a few months I considered her my best friend. I told her everything, and she was understanding and polite. But deep in my heart, I knew I wasn't her best friend at all. It kinda saddened me at times, but I knew how close her and LoveLost were and I knew I couldn't break their friendship and I was never trying to, I promise you guys that. She would always talk about how close her and LoveLost were, sometimes it irked me, but I just admired her, wondering if sometime I would gain her trust, or have a friend that understanding. Every now and then, ginger would hint that she thought I was just using her to get to LoveLost, I tried to assured her that I wasn't, but I knew I was failing, I could never convince her that I liked her for her own self. I started to hang out with more of her friends, including Spino11, Greatshot, Goofy8966, and trickertreee. They were very nice, and I always felt so unperfect compared to them. They always typed so nicely, capital letters, and had very nice blogs. All of them seemed so close, and they all understood each other so clearly. I felt like the oddball. I wanted to be just like them, I felt I needed to change. I tried to be more like them, I wanted to be accepted by them, it seemed they had no drama, compared to all my friends hooked up with rares and dating and gossiping. I tried to be more like them, but in my heart I knew I was failing. I was never invited into 'GingerpawzHideout' den when all of them would be in there. 
Everything started to go downhill when IIIIIIIL came back to Jamaa. Late one night, I went to visit Gingerpawz. She was hanging out with this crazy looking, quite rare, jammer. She was talking to him, telling him how Glad she was that she found him. I eventually figured out that LoveLost had traded him, and wanted to tradeback. The jammer, nicknamed "L" was interested in my Red Top Hat because he wanted to have the whole collection. The three of us began discussing what he had, which included three tan carpets that I was interested in. Tan carpets were highly rare then, and he overtraded me one for my Red top hat, which he ended up giving to Gingerpawz. It was a wild night! I was thrilled! Over the next few days, I hung out with Ginger and L more. One time, L traded me his favorite brown beard that Snowy mentioned her in post from yesterday. I didn't know how sensitive he was to this beard, either. I traded the beard, he found out, and was very frusterated. I ended up getting the beard back, and trading it to him for less then half of what it was worth. I lost all of his trust, and even more of Ginger's. I really regret that.. we had so much potential to be friends. He was then convinced I was only using him for rares. >.<
More and more L said he was quitting because people including VisualEffects wouldn't trade him back.
Anyways, we'll come back to the L story.
One day, I went to see Ginger in the Deep Blue and she was talking to Snowyclaw. I said hi a few friends there, sent snowy a buddy request, and left to play Eat 'Em Up. I knew snowy didn't accept my request, until in the middle of the game a little sign popped up saying 'snowyclaw is now your buddy'. I'm not one of the people who awe over famous people, but I was kinda surprised since I had never met snowy before that time, and I figured with as popular as blog as hers, she most likely has a packed buddy list. Me and snowy didn't really talk for a few weeks, or maybe months, I can't really remember.. But beginning in May, and over the summer, we became really close. Every night we stayed up until 2am, in our secret den, talking about everything. I was shocked to discover that someone had so much to hide, so many similar opinions as I, and that I wasn't really that alone. Many people don't know Snowy like I do. She, too, felt alone and hiding behind a mask. She felt like an oddball, and together we became tight, and made us stronger and more confident. When our schedules became tighter, we wrote lengthy emails about everything, in real life drama, and gave advice. Eventually I became a spirit jammer, then an author on her blog, which at first I felt honored, but now I've abused the privilege and skipped some days, I've only posted about 5 times in the past two months, I'm sorry, Snow.  Now that doesn't really happen as much. We don't really write emails, or hangout, or talk that much. I still love her as a friend, and I know we're still close, though. Snowy mentioned her in post about L, and I kept trying to help her, but LoveLost and Ginger are protective of him. >_< I guess it seemed I only wanted snowy for fame, since "I couldn't win with Lovelost and Ginger with my 'evil plan'" but really, I just wanted to be accepted.
I truly miss the times that I was passionate about blogging and video making. I miss the times when I was trading so much, and I was able to poor my heart out in these posts. I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I miss the times when I had so much fanmail and people always wanted to be my buddy. It's a good feeling for awhile, knowing you're wanted, instead of people cursing that you're still playing on AJ, a game you once loved... 
I kinda covered up the truth, saying I had a writers block, and other interests. Let's just say I've been struggling in real life, and it's frustrating, I don't really wanna bring it into the AJ world, some things just don't mix together. 
I'm deeply sorry for being rude to some people, but these haters were just the icing on the cake, and It's gotten so bad I've just been thinking of secretly switching again, and starting all over, from the very very very beginning with friends, blogging, and being fake, pretending I know nothing. 

I don't really know what I'm trying to say, I just wanted my old  AJ life back /)_(\


  1. <3 That post made me very sad, Refrain. It was very touching. I know I sound stupid, but it was. I'm very glad you're my buddy, because you're so much fun. You like to talk with buddies and I love that. I'm very sorry you're struggling. I wish I could help. :(
    Marethyu :3

    1. You don't sound stupid! Thanks.

    2. Well, it's the computer so we can't believe you, but that post is really convincing.

    3. That was amazing. Amazing post. Forget blogging-write a heart breaking novel. i read Snowy's blog everyday, and I saw your post.(i sadly live in a different time zone so I can't get on AJ the same time as you or snowy) I clicked on the link, and...wow. I hope that you figure out whatever problems you have in real life, and for every negative comment, remember that it is only on the computer, only pixels on a screen. That may not make it any less sad for you, but I hope thinking that will help. It doesn't sound like you were scamming and that you and L and ginger will figure it out and forgive each other. Time heals all wounds, supposedly. If you don't figure it out, try to make new friends. Anyways, this post just sounds like you are trying to state your story and forgive your friends. I can't get on Animal Jam a lot, not every day, and almost never for more than an hour a day, but I could be your friend if you want. My user is bats73. :) If not, because I know you probably get many requests because of your blog and Snowy's, at least know that I have sympathy for you and that, even if in others minds the evidence was perfectly clear, they hadn't heard what you had to say. And remember that anyone can do anything on the computer. Probably, you have heard most of my post before from others, but it was the best i could come up with. I don't have a blog, but send me a janagram maybe? If you read this and have the time. I'm sorry you are upset by your friends, and I hope this can all come together and that you all can remember your friendship rather than a few traded rares. Thanks for your time Goldfishy, you really are a magnificent writer, and in my mind, I don't know why anyone would give up your friendship for some pixel-made rares. :)

    4. I had my heart broken pleanty of times on aj. in unrealated news great post!!!

  2. i thought u where going to delete this blog?! drama queen scammer pick on other jammers person-person who does not like people who made the post lets say thanks to kinyonga

    1. Maybe I wanted to clear the air, instead of disappointing some people.

    2. I can not believe tat I like to have girlfriends on animal jam and I am 7

  3. Goldfishy, I'm sorry you're so sad. Sometimes people may get mistaken or have the wrong evidence. One time I felt alone so that's when I started checking out other blogs, hence I met Spino. Then I became friends with others, Trickertreee and my other friend Ming132. Goofy doesn't hang out with us much though, however. But I'm sorry you feel sad. =( I hope you get better.

    1. I haven't seen you in a long time.

    2. Same... LOL. I don't play AJ much anymore, because of school. x) I try to get on as much as I can, though, but I'm mostly posting on my blogs.

  4. Alot of times i feel like the oddball to goldy, alot of my friends now are very rare and i feel like a tiny failier. ok that makes me sound like i only want fame, but honestly i dont care and i would have quit by now exept of my friends.

    1. So am I :D
      Oddball buddies!

    2. I'm an oddball too. I MISS MY OLD LIFE!! (Including my Real Life in School. I seriously wanna go back to my Old School. I feel so unaccepted.)

      To. Much. Peer. Pressure. In. My. Life.

      I also wanna be my old Thracey-self Again. :D
      ~APBD (DOB)

    3. Um.. dude if i am being rude, im sorry, just PLEASE don't post emostinal posts?

    4. That was rude. She can post whatever she wants too.

    5. im an oddball too......... ive seen feelers tho. but still, im an oddball and im also the obe being picked on cuz of my rare items. and hopefully she wont pick on anymore people...

  5. Sometimes i'm the kind of person who tries to fit in with other people too. Like some of my friends on AJ are tomboy-ish, and i'm a girly girl (ok well i'm a little bit of tomboy, but yeah mostly girly). So sometimes i have to act all tomboy-ish to fit in with them. But now i realize i can just be myself, and if people don't accept me for who i am, i'll just smack them out of my life like a mosquito.

    Btw, i'm very sorry in my previous comments if i acted like a hater. Sometimes i just read other comments and they get me thinking, so i start to agree with them. I never really thought you would care for those comments, but i guess now i realized they really hurt you, and i'm sorry.

    1. fox girls speak u if you like me y user name is newl0613!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I completely understand Goldy. I can see what you feel.... Don't fret friend, it will all be better for you in the long one. It may seem tough nowadays, but trust me, it will pass, everything will be back to normal and brighter for your friends and yourself. Don't worry, we care about you, and we will always be there for through the good times and the bad times. Don't worry Reffy, it'll be alright. I apologize for being troublesome, but like you, I guess I went through a little 'drama' but now I'm over it, and I know you can overcome anything. :)


  7. Hi Free! Sooo... What's happening then? You quitting your blog, or not? AJ, or not? I don't want you to do either... :/ But do I count as a hater? I don't think so... I'm just saying that I think you were nicer on Free... Anyway, do you like me again? - If you ever did? I don't know, I'm just REALLY confused... DX

    P.S Sorry about all those ...s! :P XD


  9. Free,/Goldy,/, or Refrain; whichever you prefer, I am truly sorry for many things i've said in the past making you feel negative about yourself I sometimes just loose it at the wrong moments now that i've been really calming myself down I won't freak out anymore. I just felt scarred with something you said to me in the past and I would like to say; "All is forgiven." :) I doubt you'd be reading this possibly noticing its from me (infinitymagicheroisback) I need to accept people for who they are I can't be judgemental over every little possible thing. I really hope you accept my apology and hope we can be buddies. goodbye now and happy holidays!

    ~infinitymagicheroisback who is sorry for everything that he has done in his life.

    1. It's okay. I'm sorry for saying that one thing, .. both times.

  10. Hi Goldy. This post made me sad because sometimes I want my old AJ life back to when all my friends were close, when rares didn't matter. I remember we never really talked much so I respect you deleting me xD No one else i've seen has a blog where they post inspirational things, and not about objects that come out on a game. Every thing would be normal and boring without your blog :3 I have had so many fights with my friends too! Your not alone. i'm an oddball as well! We hardly know each other, all I remember is meeting you when i was with MoonWolfa. (Jammergirl27546 at the time) You were as Goldfishypuppy. Honestly I don't know why everyone is making a fuss about you making one little mistake or saying a curse word. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a different personalty. Anyways i'm going off topic. I hope to see you in Jamaa!
    ~XxPitbullzxX (used to be Wolftown56)

    1. Thanks. I've seen you around a lot. I don't really know why they're that mad, but I do cuss..

  11. Goldy, You always were my best friend, But once Love finally added you, You completely ignored me, Everytime I went to go say Hi to you, You'd just leave :\ We can be friends again if you want, But I kinda Quit AJ :P

    1. I'm sorry, I didn't mean too. >_< It seemed right after Love added me, you deleted me right away. I'm sorry if at the time I told you love added me, I sounded selfish or something like that. I just thought you should know, since you seemed so close. I would love to be friends, even if you're never on. Once I figured out you were mad at me, I would always ask trickertreee how you were doing, if you're okay, and how often you came on. At the small period I was buddies with Love, before this all happened, I would always ask her how you were doing, too. They both said they were worried about you and not-so-well. I hope you're okay!

    2. I'm actually not really ok at all, But it's kinda personal... My life's dead :\

    3. I'm glad Ginger saw my post on her blog and came here! ^.^ -Zebrafish

  12. I'm so far behind on Stuff. I wish I had close friends like that. Or really friends at all. I feel like an outcast on AJ and other places...
    My life is messed up. Things come and go. But, I will never change (partial song reference).

    Oh written in the stars
    a million miles away
    a message to the main
    seasons come and go
    but I will never change
    and I'm on my way

  13. Okay ... So I'm not to famus on animal jam.. With the big rare name players anyways., I always have a full friends list
    ( I have good friends and rare ones like viva candy snowy knows.. I like to think snowy, princesslove, )

    But I have to say I really really dislike it, I mean I can't even go on AJ with out someone being online .. It's like I never have " me time " ,, down time ..

    I'm not saying your wrong for what you did / do .. But no one should change who or what they are to " fit in" .. There will aways be someone who likes you for you

    That being said .. This is the part that might get me hated .. But I really don't care.. As I said I don't like fame, and tons of people always being me..

    From what I read of all three blog , ginger, snowys, and now yours .. There seems ( to me ) to be one common problem .. " L "
    To me and its just me hate on me if you want .. L seem like a pussie.. A trade is a trade.. Once you have traded its no longer your item, you can't just say I want it back .. Or " why did you trade " my item "

    Mind you I do it with friends again that's just me

    1. I agree! I won't hate on you! L was kinda of an issue, he was a good person, with a good heart, but sometimes his standards were just a little too high. I still respect him as a friend, but this drama between the 5 of us kinda split us all apart, but it seems we're all making progress on being friends again. :)

    2. Well ... Not the response I was expecting ..
      I hope all yous can work things out,
      I don't really know any of you ( seen you on snowys page )
      The only way I even know about snowy.. Is from princesslove..

  14. Gold, you're a great friend to me. I never thought you'd be a friend of me, since I was a "noob" at the time you even buddied me. I felt cool when my and Avril started to hang out with you and all the other popular jammers at the time. Then after some time we started to spread away from each other, and somewhere someone removed someone and that was it. After a few weeks or months, can't remember, you added me back and we started talking again. After a few months, you decided to quit and give me one of your rarest items ever with made me cry (not even kidding), the red top hat. That my friend, was the most beautiful item ever. I've always wanted it since last year around November 2011. November 2011 is when I saw that beautiful beast. I always wanted it. It was amazing. When you gave it to me and said you were quitting, I rather have you then having the top. After you quit, almost everything went back to normal. But people started saying "Omg, RjKingBeast scammed XxFreeSpiritxX's red top hat!" When I saw someone say that, I asked them "How the hell did I manage to do that, do you see the items I have other then the red top? She gave it to me, she's a kind person. She even barely knew me." I was shocked when they even said that. I couldn't manage to even do that... It's just rude to even say that when you don't know the whole story. "Were you there?" I asked many people. They never said anything back, though. After a few months, I heard you were coming back. I was glad to see you. I still owe you more than a million thank yous. We started to talk again about everything that has happened and I was just glad that I had a great friend who was there to talk to. And now we've become greater friends then ever.
    I know this sounds sappy, and I would love if you got your old life back and started to talk to everyone about this drama. Having the old friend is better than the new, even though knowing you more than a few months ago is better. It was fun back then, and I'm really glad you're back getting the AJ life back. It was more fun with you than without.
    Best of luck getting the haters to just quit it. I know I tried, and just said "Fuck it, I can deal with them. It's not like I'm 8 and arguing with a school bully."
    ~Love you Gold (as a friend and a wife), Rj

    1. Supastar101 Who Isn't Picking A Side Right NowNovember 6, 2012 at 12:06 AM

      lol rj i still remember when i first met you...

  15. Goldy....... I'm so sorry if I seemed like a hater. It's just I miss the old you so much. But you're coming back and at the same time changing and I respect that. This explains everything. I'm really sorry. I wish I could go back and erase the words I said.


  16. Good News: I'm not the only one.
    Bad News: I'm not the only one.

    Egh, I need to escape from all this.

    1. Well I don't have access to Animal Jam, but contact me through email, or however.

  17. Goldfish and anyone, if you need help I'd be happy to help you out. :)

    Also, you don't need to be pressured to be like someone else because you are who you are and you don't want to be a fake. People may find out and that can cause trouble.

    Goldfish, you didn't know the helmet meant so much to L so you didn't need to care so much. It was so generous of you to trade with him 1/2 price though!

    I believe we should all be ourselves, follow Animal Jam rules and just do it!

    Bye everyone! :)

    1. Hey everyone! Read this:

      Stop trying to be someone you’re not. – One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else. Someone will always be prettier, someone will always be smarter, someone will always be younger, but they will never be you. Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.


  18. D: nothing to say about this :(

  19. I see how you feel. Before all the drama, all the crap, and everything that's made you upset and saddened. To this day, I'm STILL sorry about what happened between you and I this summer. I realized our argument made us have a stronger friendship knowing our weaknesses and strengths. I miss the times when I could trade every day every day, too. I hope you read this comment ;)

  20. I see how it is, It's a pain in the butt! Your not the only one that wants you to get your old life back, It was Real Fun those times. Ahh good times, Well I got an idea, Might not help but here it goes. You can just go back to xxfreespiritxx and go back to your old blog you started way back and just get your old life back and refresh. Well sorry for the long comment.

  21. Hey Goldie!
    Please please pweeses don't delete this blog. I read it everyday and I love the rarity scans and everything about this blog!
    So please don't deleate this blog because now, I have to read every single post u made and I will miss is a lot
    Thanks for reading

  22. Sigh... 3 sides to choose from now, Ginger's side (Who i havent met}, Snowys side (Ive met but not friends with) And your side.. I am just, i dont even know. I dont know which side i dont know about this blog i dont know how i feel right now, I just really don't know about anything. This whole thing has just, completely confused me a lot. Because theres gingerpawz's side, which can be understandable, then theres snowys, which i think is kinda not fair, calling ppl a scam for not trading back. And then yours...
    Now i'm not like other people if theres more than 1 side i won't pick. Because i see all these people coming back when ONE and only ONE side of the story is posted on ONE blog. Because yeah there famous and stuff sure. But i dont base my opinions on rare or fame. I actually base them on the story.. This has just really taken it's turn for the worst. I know i wasnt even near beta days (Lol) and sometimes i barely know what people are talking about because of that, But all in all i would say ive had some pretty good times, Dontcha think? Even if i weren't in the beta days.

    1. Supastar101 Who Isn't Picking A Side Right NowNovember 6, 2012 at 12:03 AM

      I've read through some of the comments, I remember they used to hate snowy, or goldy, or ginger, but oh so they come back so quickly? i mean i just hate it when people do that because of popularity i hate it i hate it. Its just like one LITTLE rumor and everyones like: "AMG O: SO AND SO SCAMS AMG AMG I HAIT THIS BLOG FOREVARRRR IM SO TOTES ON THIS PERSONS SIDE!" And then its like: "A.M.G Im soooooo sorrrryyyy so and soo cuz liek liek, told me this lieee, and and then i heard ur story, and it liek, TOTES made more sence Cuz ur liek, Fameouzzzz Amg Plz forgive me famouz person amg amg"
      It's kinda like that... It REALLLY annoys me sometimes how people can pick sides SO fast, yet ditch em' so quick after they heard another side, like sheep.

  23. I don't really think you did anything wrong and you have changed for the good. ( sorry that loads of people keep saying this)

    I sometime feel a little left out. Because my best friend from school has loads of rare's and plays with her rare friends alot, but Plays with me alot and my other friend isn't rare. So I'm in between them both and it's quite weird. There also hardly ever on at the same time as me, so I always play with my sister and nobody else.
    I know that isn't really that much compared for what your all going through but it is annoying that I don't really have any friends to play with as my school friends are never on.

    Yes that was a little weird comment but life is weird some times.

    From spottydotty11

  24. Hi Goldy,
    I don't to be rude at all, so please don't get mad at me. I just want to say that, I remember when my sister introduced me to your blog. I really liked it, and I remember the rarity scans and fun posts you used to have. I also remember entering your contest, which was so fun :) Then when I mixed up my name on the entry, I had to tell you in Jamaa, and you were really sweet and understanding :)

    Now, when I read your blog, I discover that all you post about is drama. And don't get me wrong, it sounds like your Animal Jam life has been full of many dramatic events, but just like you said in one of your posts, "It's only a game." And then you started cursing in your posts, and saying some really bad stuff that I didn't even want my little sister to read, so I kind of stopped reading the blog. Sorry if that sounded mean, I just wanted to express my opinion. Thanks.

  25. I know it might have been stressful, but I was so shocked when you started posting about all this dramatic stuff. It seemed like you were actually fighting in real life. AJ is just a game, and I really don't want to be mean, but I was so shocked! I used to love reading your blog, about all the fun rarity scans and things like that. The contest, the chatting, the polls.... it was so much fun and I loved it!

    But then, when I read it, the username rings in my mind... gingerpawz... gingerpawz... gingerpawz... I hate this talk of all this fighting. Isn't AJ supposed to be a fun game for everyone? Of course, friends fight sometimes, but this was just too big. And I'm angry at how everyone is 'obsessing' over rares. It's an item that's made of pixels and you can replace it. When someone gets scammed, it's okay to be a bit upset, but people cry and sob and quit Animal Jam because of it. Here's my question: would you rather have your dog run away, or lose your fox hat?

    I still read this blog sometimes, and I will keep viewing it, but I really don't like when people say bad words. I thought you had a rule of not cussing, but then you started saying mean things! On your posts, and in the comments, and I had to block out the words and pretend it's not there. But it is there. I don't want to be rude, but I might sound like it. I hope all this dumb fighting will stop, and everyone can be friends again. :)

  26. Goldy... I really inspire your blog.. Your popularity... And everything... Most of my friends think you scam :/ Which obviously you don't.... I feel terrible.. Being treated like a piece of crap while people bully because of stupid rares you have... I kinda know what your going through.. Just ignore people... I know this isn't probably about the post; But, I'm just making a "Lesson Of Jamaa" Comment... Stay true to yourself Goldfishy :3 Your a nice person... </3 WOO Goldfishypuppy


  27. I completley understand. I tried saying hi to you a few times but you never said hi back. I knew and understood that you were in lots of stress. I just do not want to choose between my Bff Gingerpawz and Lovelost, and my other Bff, you. Stay true to yourself. I do not want to be mean... but I think you should quit Animal Jam. You could come some times but all this Jamaa stress is really stressing you out and I care for you. Unless you want to just completly ignore this. You choose. Remember though, I am a neutral BUT I will do whatever I can to help you.

    Your BFF,

  28. why so much drama on aj?
    why can't people just get on with their lives?
    and why is everyone making so much of a fuss of all the drama?
    (especially gingerpawz!)
    its not like rares are everything and that aj is about fighting over friends and then just stabbing them in the back afterwards!

  29. I'm an oddball too.... I just moved and i am having trouble making friends, it didn't help when my dad lost his job for ten monthes...

    All my friends on animal jam have all these rares and i stick out...

    BTW sorry goldy for everything that has happened to u


  30. Aww this is so sad!
    You litterally almost made me cry!
    I know how you feel, not just on animal jam, but in real life I am like that.
    (I really like how yo referenced God :D)

  31. Hey goldfishy and everybody else who helped with the blog you all are awesome no matter what ppl say and how they act! -Kats55

  32. Is Gingerpawz Professer Templewinner?

  33. Oh god. I can't even finish that. It nearly made me cry! o.o
    I'm so sorry, I don't even know why I'm saying sorry at ALL.

    Ok, that was probably very rude.
    Sorry! Now I have a reason to (:

    I know I was always jealous of you, you have a right to know that.
    But really, I didn't know you ... were like that. Oh no, that probably sounded rude, too. I'm so sorry, I'm the worst cheerer-upper!

    I always thought, being as famous as you, the guys that were popular, had fans and all that, had famous friends, had BEST friends. After reading a good enough portion of this, I think different. I honestly feel, deeper than last time I said this, I don't want to be famous. I don't want to be rare, I don't want to be cool, I just want to be your friend. And ater reading THIS, it's not anymore because of your popularity. Just because you need a little cheering up. Someone who could be the least bit welcoming, you know? I'm sorry if I sound rude here, for like the 9th time, but I honestly do feel sad. TRULY sad, not the sad I felt when I didn't have my homework at school. I'm sorry, I have the tendency to put others way ahead of myself, and that becomes an exaggeration. I also have the tendency to write VERY long comments, sorry for that too. I just exaggerate problems, a lot worse than they are.

    Sorry for this 'exaggerated' long comment.
    Bye, hope you feel better. :)

  34. You touched my heart. Actually, scratch that. You touched my soul, Breathless. I feel so terribly bad for you. I never read Gingerpawz post, but I heard it was bad. And I fully support you and I trust that you are truthful. I never judge until I have proof of the person doing evil. I try to be accepting of everyone. So, I know I'm just some random blogger to you, but if you are feeling down, look me up. On animal jam, I am peppermint4evr. If you want to email me, I am at cam.love.cats@gmail.com. This comment probably doesn't matter to you, but I feel better telling you this.

  35. That's pretty sad, first you have like your awesomest friend ever, then the friend suddenly posts awfully mean things about you saying that you are mean. I totally agree, it's sad to lose a good friend

  36. i loved that post, it was really touching, i was actually crying inside

  37. Yea, Animal Jam can be pretty cruel, eh? I feel like I've had a similar experience, mostly how two-faced people can be in relationships. I won't get into detail, but it ends up in extremely clingy friends, ignored emails and jam-a-grams and told I was being too childish. Though, it's morally wrong to go cheating or accusing, even if it is a game. It's not like everyone IS heartless. I liked this post, though. I'd be your friend but, thinking you've already been asked, I'd probably be declined. Or you don't play the game anymore. Thanks for the post, and a reply ((If there is one))

  38. love all girls on aj boy


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