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Thursday, August 20, 2015

That Nostalgic Feeling

I'm not gonna lie; Animal Jam was a major part of my life.
And when I say major, I mean I've-grown-up-with-it-and-wasted-five-years-of-my-life-playing-it major.

Hey, Jammers! It's Despare back on, and I don't think I'll be doing a lot more posting. I'll check up on this once in a while, but my new school (I'm in High School now) is an hour away from my house, and I have to wake up 4 AM and they're very academically advanced so I have to up my standards. I don't think I'll be able to write--maybe during the holidays and a once-in-a-while kind of post. 

I've left Animal Jam--some for long months, others for merely days; and I've come to realize that as my life grows on and my seemingly young and free self whose attention was only on AJ is starting to disappear that Animal Jam has played a rather big role in my life.

I'm not joking when I say I've played AJ for almost 5 years--I've been with them since late 2010. I remember it almost so clearly; the bored 7 year old girl in front of her laptop thinking, why does Club Penguin suck so much? I remember typing in answers.wiki or something like that, free internet games like Club Penguin, and the two words, Animal Jam captivated my 7 year old eyes and made me click on it. I wandered aimlessly around the home page; looking at the old parent dashboards and log in page. I still remember the old loading pages--it was just a rotating earth on a yellow background. There was no Appondale, no oceans--it all comes to me in this nostalgic feeling you get when writing about the past that has affected you so much.

It feels all so weird, seeing how different my past is as to my present; seeing that all my friends being changed by rares; seeing spikes go out through jam-a-grams and legend gloves being one of the most appraised things in Jamaa; then adventures being released and legend gloves put on stores. There are days when I want to shout at AJHQ, NO! NO, YOU'RE MAKING AJ EVEN WORSE! 
But then there are days when I would smile at my screen, thinking with a great feeling in my chest, You did the right thing, AJHQ.

But what I would like to share to you right now is that you shouldn't be cringing about the days of Jamaa--you should be happy. I'm sure that growing up with Animal Jam we've all learned important life lessons. We forget that sometimes humans want satisfaction; and I know as I scroll through all the posts I've written that I've learned so many things from Animal Jam. I've learned how to truly see people; not for the way they look or for how much money they have. I've given lots of people chances to become friends with me. Whether you like it or not, Animal Jam has changed you--for better or for worse, it is up to you to decide.

I'd just like to remind you guys that that nostalgic feeling that you guys occasionally have is beautiful. Reliving the past with a sparkle in your eye--it is amazing. Be proud of your Jamaasian heritage. Be proud that Animal Jam was a part of your life--for somehow, no matter how little or how big, it has changed you.

Also, is anyone of contact with Breathless? I would like to talk to her about the blog. Thank you <33


  1. Im new to your blog, i love it!

  2. i hope you can find breathless!!!! and talk toher!!

  3. Isn't it crazy, how the time's gone by and we've all more or less grown up? Just logging in to AJ today, I can't remember the excitement I used to get it when I would play it back in 2011 when I joined.

  4. I can understand. Hope Breathless turns round soon!

  5. Ahh , good things always come to an end..

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