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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Story Of A Good Phantom [Revised]

 The dark clouds that covered Mount Haph grew darker and thicker as plans to destroy Jamaa grew increasingly. The phantoms multiplied and grew, and Jamaa was soon in grave danger. One day, a golden, red-eyed phantom was born. A kind so rare that he was the only breed. His name was Greedy, known as 'The Good Phantom' in Jamaa. Everyone was afraid of Greedy, including Smothe, leader of the phantoms, heir to the throne. Greedy envied the Jamaasians, for they owned the crystals of power, and they had the richest amount of gems in all of the lands. Greedy loved gems and precious metals, which made Greedy angry at the Phantoms that sought to destroy Jamaa. Destroying Jamaa would lead to the extermination of the richest land source of precious metals. Greedy had only delayed their plans, but he couldn't stop it; the Phantom King would forbid it, he knew if he did, he would be turned into an outcast and would never be seen withghe phantoms ever again. He said 'If you shall give me no gems, your plan will fail and I shall curse your land. No phantom, not even the Phantom King, will break the curse. Promise to give me every gem in Jamaa, or you shall be in grave danger.' and Smothe had sworn in the name of the Phantom King.
    Greedy decided to venture out of the deep, cramped mountain, hoping that Smothe would remember that promise of the gems, to seek for the crystals of power. His journey took him weeks, and within those weeks, the phantoms invaded Jamaa. They forgot all about Greedy, and had joy in their near-success, not knowing Greedy will soon return.

    Greedy came back, angry and tired. As he approached Smothe, he had the darkest red eye. "Where. Are. My. Gems?!" he screamed. Smothe backed towards the wall as sweat trickled down his head, and Greedy screamed again and again, "Where are my gems?!"

"For the last time, where. Are. My. Ge--?!" unable to continue, a rumble shook Mt. Haph. "Golden Greedy, and Smothe," the Phantom king, large, black, and with a vicious eye rose through the rocks and turned to Greedy, "stop. You are not a phantom, but a fool to us. You are an evil to us, trying to prevent us from destroying that one place we have sought for our entire lives all for the crystals of power. I shall show you our crystal of power, the one that helped us. But you shall not keep it," The king, with his large and swift tentacles, grabbed the crystal behind his throne and said, "you shall be cursed by us, rather than you cursing us. You shall linger your days in Jamaa, not as a phantom, but a wolf. You will be known as the Phantom alpha, and you will be a curse to us. Your name is Greely, from now on. Now, be gone!" he grabbed Greedy and threw him into the crystal, and Greedy's sight darkened. He awoke in a grassy field, one of his eye, red, the other clear. His fur touched the air, as he saw a panda standing above him. "Cosmo, do you think he's the one?" the panda asked a nearby koala, whose name must be Cosmo. "I believe so, Liza, my vision gave me a sign of a wolf with a red eye." he reached out to Greedy (now known as Greely), and jerked his hand back. "He--he is! His past is a blur of the phantoms, he must be the link we have sought for!" Cosmo said in delight, "Well, what are you waiting for, Cosmo, let's get him to the Blue Heron!" Liza shouted.

Throughout Greely's life, he was the searcher of phantoms, the Phantom alpha. He was a legend, a legend that now protects Jamaa and all that lives inside. Greely had helped the Alphas destroy the phantoms before the phantoms could fully defeat Jamaa. As the last Jamaasians huddled together for one last stand, the Alphas, in a flash of light, came. All thanks to Greely.


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