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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anyone there?

Hi, MisterChunkybuddy here. Is there anyone reading this blog? And, are the authors there? Breathless? Feelers? Anyone there?
Can someone post, please, just to let everyone know we are alive?
Edited: Thanks everyone for all your comments! I want to leave this post on so Breathless can see  it, but as I know you all want new posts, here is the first part of a legend I am writing!

The Quest Part 1
It was a pleasant April morning in Jamaa. The sun shone over Crystal sands, were the alphas were having fun with some jammers.
Greely sat in a shadow, with his glass eye glinting with the sun, practising his magic, with a book opened next to him and some shapes made from a dark matter hoovering over him.
Sir Gilbert was practising his battle moves with Edmund, as both were really skilled warriors and were never too lazy to find a momengt to practise.
Graham chuckled up a tree while he saw the effects of his new prank. It consisted on some tubes in the smoothie machine, so when someone filled their cut with fruit and put it into the blender, the smoothie would sploosh all over the user.
Cosmo was chatting with some palm trees and planting sugarcane. Soon a cocoa tree joined the conversation, telling the koala alpha how happy he was about the sun.
Peck, the talented artist, had her easel setted up in front of the sea, and was giving color to a sketch of the palms, the fishes, the jammers splashing and the beautifull tropical birds who flew around .
Meanwhile, Harper happily paddled around with her mate Marco, an sometimes they dived into the sea to have a chat with the underwater alphas.
Otto and Ruby were planning the travel they ere going to go on, thinking about all the places that they wanted to visit.
Sophia was galloping around with some other races, running an obstacle course along the plants, and next to them, Cornelius relaxed in the water.
Amelia, with the help of LaSalle and some jammers, was building an incredible sandcastle with all sort of passages and bridges and towers.
The only alpha who seemed to be missing the fun was Liza. Cornelius noticed this, and asked Greely, who always seemed to somehow know everything: "So, what do you think Liza is up to? She came out of her hut in the Township and that was the last time I saw her today."
"She is in the Sky Mansion" was the wolves reply. By now everyone had stopped what they were doing and were hanging to each word of the conversation, wondering what was the panda doing visiting Mira.
"She seemed very worried" added Greely.
"Who, Mira or Liza?" asked a lion who was passing by.
"Both of them" answered Greely.
Actually, by know Mira and Liza weren´t the only ones who were worried. All the alphas and jammers knew  that as Mira was so wise, only something really terrible could worry her.
Everyone tryied to continue jamming, but the fun of the party had faded away, and the thoughts about Liza and Mira had supplanted the ones about the party.
This continued for about an hour, and then a bunny shouted: "Look!"
Everyone gazed at the sight of the heron flying down from the only cloud in the sky, which was no ordinary cloud but the base of the Sky Mansion, an incredible white house which had belonged to Mira´s defunct husband, Zios.
Mira landed and everyone saw that Lia was with her. Definetly, Greely was right, they both were looking very worried indeed.
"Well" Liza said. "I guess that Greely has told you about our meeting because he always knows more than he should."
Graham chuckled but Mira looked at him and he saw in her eyes that it certainly wasn´t time for laughs and jokes.
"Well, as I bet you are dying to know what the meeting was about, I suppose you should tell them, Mira." suggested Liza.
So Mira told them: "As you might know, th Sky mansion has a chamber of treasures. Those treausures are inmensly valueable, but thy are not precious gems and jewels and gold. They are magic and historic objects, and the future of Jamaa depends on some of them. And now one has been stolen by the phantoms. A very important one indeed."

To be continued!


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  2. ☼pielover4ever☼April 28, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    I'm still here :3
    but i have wondered where all the authors are... so I appreciate the fact that you, MisterChunkybuddy, have been posting.

  3. I'm here! Moo!

  4. I'm still here. I still read the posts.

  5. I'm still here, I just never have time to post with school and things like that. But if I write specific articles like the ones on this blog, I can re-post them here too.

    I don't know about Breathless....I haven't heard from her in a while. :(

    1. I've seen her online a few times. But I haven't talked with her. Are ya there, Breathless?

    2. Feelers! Hello! I understand that you have no time to post with your blog, I also have lots of work with my blog. I suppose it might take quite a bit of time to keep a blog as awesome as yours.

  6. I'm here. I am glad you have been posting here.


  7. I am here. I know MisterChunkyBuddy and feelers are alive, but maybe Breathless/goldfishypuppy/xxfreespiritxx/misterarcticclaw/infinityeepdoutpaw is dead.

    1. Wouldn't you think if she was dead, someone, anyone, would know? .-.

    2. @ psnr123: Thanks!
      @ Jennifer Walsh: 0_0 don´t say that, it scares me!
      @ Cece3546: Well, I suppose if she was dead we would know in some way, but I don´t think she is.

    3. And no one knows me? That's new...

      It's like I'm an invisible author! XD


  8. Replies
    1. Me too, I check about every few days. I miss when we had all those posts almost everyday :(

    2. I do too, Lexie.

    3. @ G€π€®@| √°πw°|F: Cool!
      @ Lexie1234: Yes, I also do.
      @ Cece2546/Marethyu: Yes, I remember back in the summer when I checked this blog every single day, sometimes lots of times again. How the blog was so active back then makes me think that probably in the summer she will come back.

    4. Cece3546/MarethyuMay 3, 2013 at 9:21 AM

      I hope. :) Although she did say she's lost interest in AJ.

  9. I missed the posts.... :,(

    I always read JWT.

    1. Your welcome. And LOL I replied to this comment like one 2 months later XD

  10. I'm still here... I think...

    1. You think? Lol, if you are commenting you are here, and that is nice.

  11. I'm here. :3

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  13. I'm still here! Don't get discouraged because no one else is posting, because we really like your legends and stories!

  14. Replies
    1. Cece3546/MarethyuMay 1, 2013 at 6:00 PM

      Yay! :D I wish you were on AJ more...

    2. Yay!
      -Charity aka AG (too lazy to log in and I prefer to be called Charity or Char :3)

  15. I'm so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Place unlimited o's here) sorry for not posting, I'm just so busy. Oh, and Mister, can you please make a how-to on an Overall Den View?


    1. Breathless! XxBrightSpiritxX! Such a nice surprise!

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  19. Okayyyyyyyyy. O_O
    I think this IS a sign more people need to post.. o.o

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  23. Fallstar Of StoneclanApril 13, 2014 at 5:02 PM

    Epic story, please put on the next half!! I am a big fan, I saw you in the adventure base camp the other day and went hyper... Sorry about that... XD! I am kitikat321 if anyone wants to trade/adventure with me :)

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