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Monday, October 8, 2012

Shh, a secret..

Hi Everyone!

Now, if you'd look at Goldfishypuppy you'd most likely think that I got hacked.
Well no, I didn't. I simply switched. Again.
Yupp, I switched to RefrainInclination.
I know, big words. o_o
Refrain and Inclination mean To not incline. Or in better words, to not do something you don't want, to not show emotion, to not care, it means a whole lot of things.
I guess I'll move the party to RefrainInclination's den again, and yes, I'm non-member again and actually like it this way. :)
I'm pretty confident that sometime soon I'll remodel the blog a little bit, as a fresh new start, and maybe give it a new name..? Any ideas?
"RefrainInclination's Jamaa Times"
"Refain's Animal Jam Journal"
"The Truth of Jamaa by RefrainInclination"
"Jamaa's Written Truth"
I don't know, I'm just brainstorming. o:
So, if you could get the word out that I'm restarting, that would be asking a lot, but very helpful.

I hope to soon you soon!


  1. I really like the names with "Truth" in them because that's exactly what this blog is; you've admited to scamming, and you've admited that for a time all you cared about was rares. You're truthful. Most blogs (including mine) have no real meaning to the name, and using something that has a meaning to your blog is really, well original. Something that most of us can only dream to be, and I really don't think you need our ideas when you already have such great ones yourself, but I might as well give a few; that being what you asked for;

    1. Jammer Central
    2. Jammaa's Truth
    3. A Jammer's vérité (Truth in french, I don't speak frech, I used google translate :P)
    4. Jammaa Honesty
    5. Beautiful Chaos;An animal jam based blog

    Sorry I'm not to creative, but I... *smiles sheepishly* tried? I don't know. You probably don't like any of these, but oh well...

    1. I like the idea of having 'chaos' in it. Maybe Jamaa's Truthful Chaos? :P

    2. Ooo, I like that one you should do that ^-^ Or something like that, you know it's your choice, and all...

    3. Or Jammaa's Chaotic Truth

  2. Cool! Wait does that mean I should add the account you switched to? :P

    My suggestions:

    Refrain's Animal Jam Secret

    Refrain's Animal Jam Truth (similar to what you said :D)

    RefrainInclination's Animal Jam (Truth/Secret/Secrets) and Stories

    I don't know, I kind of liked your old user.. XD It's easier to make a title in that one.

    ~Jammie263 who may change name to StillThere or LivedToDream

  3. Animal Jam Blur Chaos
    Animal Jam Refrain's Truth
    Refrain the Gold (reffering to Goldfish)
    Hope you like them!

  4. Or...
    Refrain the Gold | The True Chaos


  5. I like 'Jamaa's Written Truth' and if you want chaos in it I guess, 'Jamaa's Written Chaos'.... Maybe? I tried? Well now I know of one new word.. xD

  6. Here are my Suggestions Refy (LOL! I need a new nickname for you! I guess Refy doesn't suit you..):
    1. Animal Jam, Jamaa- The Truth has been revealed!

    2. Jamaa's Secrets- Finally Revealed!

    3. Refrain, the Jammer Detective's Jamaa Truth

    Yeah, That's all I can think of :\

  7. Goldy, i might stop reading the blog. I loved it before you put it on hold, and now you're switching. You don't post anymore. I'm sorry, but im leaving.

    ~The sad Crazee4horses

  8. Haiz goldfishypuppy! It goldenshock, or the person chu saw on animal jam spirit chat freehuggles :3 if you have any more buddy spaces on the account, and if you have time, will you buddy goldenshock? If you have time or if your buddys list not full.

  9. I like your new username, may I call you ReRe or something? :3
    Anyways, I like Animal Jam's Chaotic Truth like someone else said. :) I usually don't really like it when people use "Truth" in blog titles, but it just works for this one. ^^

  10. i searched u user aint real

  11. I think goldy has given us a false user name, because she has left animal jam for good. :(



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