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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bad News, Guys..


Well, this is a bummer. I went and tried to get my Mac Fixed, but the price was way too high to fix it.
A note for all you mac users: NEVER Spill any kind of liquid on your mac, be careful. It can get into the computer and rust the inside, screwing up the connections.

This means..

I don't know how to take screenshots.. Does anyone know how to on a Windows Toshiba?
I'm mad because I can't start a how-to series about How to do a lot of Animal Jam stuff..
This is real disappointing..

*Sigh* Well I'm not gonna complain no more.

A new post will be soon.
I'm going to go explore with Screencast-o-matic.



  1. You can make different screenshots.
    For whole window screenshot just press PRTSC button for 2 seconds.
    For last opened window use ALT GR + PRTSC.

    Open paint and use CTRL+V and saved pic will be shown. Just save it and job is done.
    For doing screenshots you can use some third part application. Google a little bit and you will find a lot of them for free download. I hope this helps Goldy ;) Happy jamming!


  2. At least. I'm pretty sure I explained that good, and that it's right.


  3. This is a little late but use snipping tool

    1. Yea, lol... I have a Toshiba, too. xP


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