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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hey There~

It's been almost two freaking years since the last time we posted something, and whether or not someone is still reading this blog, I guess I should re-introduce myself because I went through a hellah lot of changing throughout the two years. (One, that I don't capitalize every first letter of every word.)
So hey, you probably know me as DreamsOfBlue, GalaxyOfPossibilities, XxBrightSpiritxX, XxMoonlightLightsxX, Thracey11, BlueBlueBlueyGirl, PerseaJackson, or my current one, Despare. I've played Animal Jam since late 2010 when I was about seven years old. My first username was Sakura180. (Oh the days when I was in love with Naruto, I remember.) I quit around January 2011 and came back around March 2011 as another account, I believe Thracey11. After a few months, I began to climb up the ladder of rarity. Though still unrare in most comparisons, I was enough as I was. I had a lot of good friends, I loved to roleplay, and being me, I loved Animal Jam. After a few months, as Animal Jam changed, I changed too. Friends faded away, others quit and I was alone; but I didn't stop. I continued to play Animal Jam, making friends, trading and doing anything any sensible Jammer would do. I also changed accounts frequently and I honestly don't know why. At around late 2012, or early 2013, I met three of my best friends (who now do not know me. Tragic, I know.) Sparkykat38, Hawraaaaaaaa [changed usernames, I'm unsure of what's her user or if she plays AJ still] and TiggerKatRox. Throughout our friendship, I was introduced to the world of Animal Jam blogging. I don't remember the first blog I saw, but I authored in a few famous ones, like Feelers' Animal Jam Clash [animaljamblog.blogspot.com] XxFreeSpiritxX's Animal Jam Freedom [animaljamfreedom.com] or Goldy's old blog, this one and a few others. Around 2014, I unofficially quit. I didn't go on AJ a lot, and I only came back [officially] on December 2014 when my Aunt gave me my first membership as Despare, or my current account.
So here I am, and that's my Animal Jam story.
So about me; I'm Despare. I know it's supposedly spelled as despair, but Despare is the name of my original characters. I love eagles, and I love the color blue. I'm a non member eagle, and my signature item is a freedom hat. I give a lot of people things, even if I don't know them. I've given spikes and den betas to New Jammers, buddies and strangers. I actively post in my Instagram, which you can find me as @animaljam_despare . My current addictions are the Legend of Zelda, Percy Jackson and Once Upon A Time. So if you want to fangirl with me, feel free to DM me in Instagram, or send me a buddy request. I'm a loner anyway.
Also, I believe I will be upholding this amazing blog, and give it a new beginning. Though I'm simply an author, I will give meaning back to this once-beautiful blog. 
I hope to see you in Jamaa!


  1. This blog was basically vacant for 2 years. Animal Jam has changed so much since then. I'm glad to see that there's a few new posts though :)

  2. I used to read this blog all the time... so happy it's back :)

  3. I think im buddys with moonlight :-) ~ crazygirl49984 I will add u :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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