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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Enchanted Hollow Skyway

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I didn't post earlier, I've been having MAJOR computer problems. Dx
I don't know if you know this skyway, it isn't really a 'sky' way, but more of a secret passage..?
Anyways, for this glitch you will need a fast computer, an enchanted hollow den, and of course, patience!

Step One: (Pardon all my items in the way) In the lowest level, towards the upper part of the den, stand in the left corner of the bookshelf and the wall. You should feel a little nudge, but make sure you're in the corner. I circled the spots in red of where you should click, for those of you who know how to do this glitch.

Step two: Pre-open a game menu of a buddy that is on the same world as you. Click the shell game, because it's easiest while in the middle of the glitch, and test it out to make sure someone is on the same server as you before you try the glitch.

Step three: Click somewhere in this area, and send your game request!

Step four: Send your shell game request, and quickly cancel!

Step five: If you do the glitch correctly, you will automatically head towards the upper level, but if you cancel your game request quickly, you will follow the first arrow and can go up.  Sorry for all my buddies in the way, they wouldn't move! :P

Skyway Tips:
  • Laptops (Especially MacBook Pros) are harder to do skyways on, so I suggest adding a mouse or switching to a home computer
  • If you're in a crowded area, maybe stay until the party is over to try the skyway
  • Patience is key, keep on trying
  • If you have a slow computer, It's going to be extremely hard to do the skyway
  • If a faster computer is optional, I suggest moving to do the faster one
  • Stay only in the sky area, testing your limits is going to end in having to redo the glitch
Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Hey I kept on asking you if I was in a good place and you didn't respond, then I thought you already took the picture so I moved back! DX Sorry I was so confused how you an SoulEater were fighting... were you guys having a misunderstanding or something?

    Mood: Totally Confused X|



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